30th April 2014

Would My Methods Work For Non-Local?

You might remember Yvonne from a previous email.

She did such a good job of running her B&B in the Champagne Region in France that she sold it. And now runs a coaching programme to help B&B owners improve their businesses and lives!

I expect Yvonne will be coaching many non B&B business owners soon enough.


In a recent email, you learned that I specialise in “local lead generation”.

Yvonne asks:

Would your methods work for me, as my target is NOT local?

Yvonne’s ideal prospects would search using a search term like: “how to run a bed and breakfast”.

Yvonne’s right… not many people are going use geo-modified search terms such as “how to run a bed and breakfast in edinburgh”.

We could be wrong, and the only real way to find out is to run it.


I was wrong though when I said that I specialised in “local lead generation”.

I specialise in building highly targeted search-term, ad, and landing-page funnels that get you a higher CTR

…and a higher conversion rate

…and a higher profit margin

…so that you can bid more

…and get even more traffic and conversions

…and can get into a continuous cycle of improvement

It just so happens that this works like gang busters for “local lead generation”.


It work for all cases where there are people actively searching on Google.

Because this is just marketing 101, as applied to AdWords.

Which is:

Give people what they want


How about making it local, even when it’s not?

Maybe you could run a campaign IP targeted to Edinburgh, and you then bid on “how to run a bed and breakfast”.

Someone searching from within Edinburgh could see an ad like:

Run a B&B in Edinburgh? – Learn How To Run A Bed & Breakfast.

… and end up on a landing page with a headline like:

Want to learn how to run a bed and breakfast in Edinburgh?


I’ve done this successfully in the past by splitting the US into 50 campaigns targeting each state.

Someone looking for [payday loans] in Texas saw an ad for:

Payday Loans (TX)


Your AdWords campaigns can run on knife edge. The tiniest change can make it take off, or cause it to fall off a cliff.

Sometimes you only need a slight bump in CTR to get the edge over your competitors.

If you want to re-read how I (incorrectly) tell you how I specialise in “local lead generation”, then just click here.

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