12th April 2016

#AndyTalks 030 – Segment your AdWords data!

A late night Skype call last night doesn’t stop me getting excited to go on a course today. I have to do some reports before I head off, but I’ll give an AdWords tip first. TRANSCRIPTION Morning, snaps! I’m kind of tired because I was up late last night on a call with a client […]

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21st December 2015

Counting Impressions

I mentioned in a previous post my process to find out what to focus on. I’m going through this process with a new client. We’ve loaded a lot of campaigns, each targeting services the client provides, and the top 250 cities and locations in the UK. Traffic is just being sent to the homepage.¬† We’ll […]

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7th December 2015

Please Bid On Your Brand Name!

Many people think they shouldn’t bid on their brand name because they already occupy the top organic position on Google/Bing. Because¬†they’re getting this traffic for “free”, they begrudge paying Google/Microsoft for it. You should definitely load up ads and test whether you get a higher volume of visitors than when you just have your organic […]

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