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Google Ads Articles

  1. Building long-tail direct-response campaigns for fun and profit
  2. Building lists with Google Ads in 2023
  3. EXECUTION - Starting a local lead gen project
  4. (Video) How to read Google Ads metrics
  5. (Video) Tweaking a Google Ads campaign already running well
  6. (Audio) Andy discusses Google Ads on The Subscription Box Show
  7. (Video) Google Ads Workshop Replay
  8. (Video) The phone stopped ringing! Is it because of going to Level 5 lockdown?
  9. (Video) Keyword Research for a business that wants to sell shoes online
  10. (Video) Google Ads Audit
  11. How to contact Google Ad support via chat
  12. (Video) Google Ads Review - Laudromat
  13. (Video) Using Pivot-Tables to analyse Google Ads data
  14. (Video) AdWords Keyword Research
  15. EXECUTION Using AdWords to sell a house
  16. (Video Series) Keyword & Competitor Research for Local Lead Gen
  17. (Video) Andy reviews Neal's AdWords account
  18. (Video) Local Lead Gen - simplified
  19. (Video) How I screwed up a sales pitch
  20. (Video) Categorising keywords with MS-Excel
  21. (Video) Segment your AdWords data!
  22. (Video) AdWords location targeting tip
  23. (Video) 70 min AdWords Interview
  24. Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses
  25. Please bid on your brand name!
  26. What's better than low hanging fruit?
  27. The What & Why of Local Lead Gen
  28. How to get profitable or fail fast with AdWords
  29. The need for speed
  30. (Video) The Online Buying Lifecycle
  31. (Video) Segmenting AdWords Data By More Than One Dimension
  32. (Video) The Most Important Formula in Business
  33. (Video) Online Direct Response Metrics
  34. 18 Advanced AdWords Tips
  35. The Allure of Easy Money
  36. Newbie Mistake #2 - "Our Landing Pages Don't Convert!"
  37. AdWords Sneaky Extended Headlines
  38. The Holy Trinity Of Paid Search
  39. Hidden Dangers of Wide Funnels
  40. Don't Let Google Control Where Your Traffic Goes
  41. The Single Biggest Reason People Lose Money With AdWords
  42. Launch & Learn
  43. Newbie Mistake #1 - "Limited by Budget"
  44. The Trick To Understanding AdWords
  45. What Happens When You Increase CPCs
  46. Your Goal Is To INCREASE CPCs
  47. Are You Only Buying Traffic?
  48. The Biggest Benefit of AdWords
  49. (Radio interview) How to get started quickly in business