30th April 2014

Do You Want To Learn AdWords From Me?

I specialise in “local lead generation”.

I occasionally subcontract to Internet Marketing companies building their local lead gen campaigns while they put the revenue models in place.

I also build campaigns for agencies and business owners as and when they need them (for a few thousand dollars at a time).

I have a few direct clients.

For these clients:

I use WordPress, Optimizepress and Gravity Forms.

I own the website and the campaigns. Clients input their credit card details into the AdWords accounts and Google bills them directly.

I charge a flat monthly fee for managing these campaigns. It’s just simpler all round that way.  So long as they keep paying I guess they are profitable. I might be leaving money on the table by not charging per-lead or per-sale, but I have no headaches and it can run on autopilot when it’s setup. If I wanted to, I could probably scale this well.

I use a wordpress plugin to create dynamic and targeted landing pages. I get the Search Term, Ad, and LandingPage (ST-AD-LP) funnel super tight and hyper relevant. I use as many ad extensions as possible to compete for top ad positions.

I compete with mom ‘n’ pop businesses (bless ’em.. they don’t stand a chance), or agencies who can’t invest much time into small clients because they have to chase the bigger clients due to their overheads (they don’t stand a chance either, but I have less sympathy).

I’ve put Adsense on landing pages and “subsidised the AdWords spend”. An example is buying 20k clicks in one day for €2k, having 4k visitors click on AdSense ads for €2k revenue, leaving 16k visitors to do other things on the site. I call it “Buying traffic for free”.

The Main Styles of Local AdWords Campaigns

There’s two main styles of local campaigns:

1) Geo-modified search terms (“SEED” & Location)

e.g. +chiropractors +dublin

I use a big list of locations, and a big list of seeds, and go longer tail than anyone else. These keywords match the buyer search terms in the “local” market too!

I make sure to add campaign negatives such as “job”, “jobs”, “course”, “courses”, etc…

2) Non geo-modified search terms (just the “SEED”)

e.g. [chiropractors]

I IP target the location the client covers. I use exact match and try and get all the short-head permutations.

Done correctly, these two campaign styles shouldn’t cannabalise each other.

Brute Force Wins

I’ve a list of 40k locations in the UK, and 4k larger locations that I use for speed.

10 SEEDs and 40k locations gives 400k permutations.

Most will get no impressions or traffic, but a small percentage will.

I never actually know till I’ve locked and loaded.

I love this stage of a project.  Is it a dud?  Fail fast.  Is there a lot of potential?  Go to stage 2.


I use these campaigns to buy market intelligence in ways that other people don’t (which SEED can we get traffic for, in quantity, and for the right cost-per-click or cost-per-lead? Which locations have the most searches that we can tap into?)

For example, 130 SEEDs and 4k locations gives about 500k permutations. £460 spend, 46 form fill leads, £10 CPL, but how much other market intelligence do you think we bought?

You can even buy a massive amount of data for just £10 if you’re clever!


I’ve built 120m keywords for one company I worked for in the past.  It helped them acquire 15k new signups a day.

I’ve the IT background, and the AdWords background, to go at this brute force.

This is my world, and no-one can compete.  Not that I know of anyway…

It’ll end up going this way when people realise how well it works.

Until then, I’ll let everyone worry about how they’d manage such large campaigns.

Tip: they need less managing because their CTR and conversion rates are so much better… doh… I gave the game away…

(Oh, I nearly forgot to add … I used to lead a team of 35 AdWords specialists buying €120k of AdWords traffic a day.  And before I lead the team, I was their geek in the corner, analysing their campaigns and building better ones for them.)

Where The Real Money Is

I am not doing this yet, but the real asset I want to build is not the funnels that I own, but the database of contact details for the consumers … if I can somehow opt them into an email list.

I had a small go for a local business a couple of years back.

I bought 150 clicks a day for about $11.

50 people clicked on Adsense to get me $11 back.

50 people clicked the back button.

And 50 people sent an email.

That’s 50 emails a day, effectively for free.

I didn’t opt them into a list, and the local business couldn’t convert the leads to make it work long term, but it’s doable.

You just have to know how to be compliant with Google.


Phew, that was a lot about me wasn’t it?

I’m sorry, I normally like to start every sentence with “You”, not “I”.

Over To You

Soooo, would you like to learn AdWords from me?

In the coming days I’ll put up a page where you can express your interest and let me know more about what you’d like to achieve.

If I get enough interest when we do that, I’ll work on a training/coaching programme, based on what you need.

We’ll get to that soon enough.

In the meantime, re-read this post – maybe a few times… sorry!  😀

Is there anything that excites you, or did I miss anything out that you’d want to know?

Next Steps

If you’re interested in learning AdWords from me, then please let me know what you’re thinking before I disappear down a rabbit hole creating products no-one wants!  🙂

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Brad Nickel - 17th April 2014 Reply

Interested in learning from you and potentially hiring you for clients.

dntmb - 19th April 2014 Reply

Sound great Andy, I’m looking for you sale page and detail, I think your concept are brilliant.

    Andy Black - 7th May 2014 Reply

    Thanks dntmb. Sales page! Damn, I knew I was missing something… 🙂

    I’ll get something up shortly. Thanks for the gentle prod.

Justin - 3rd May 2014 Reply

Hey, Andy, I’m a lurker on IMGrind who stumbled upon your excellent AdWords posts recently and now your blog.

I was just wondering. What WordPress plugin do you use for creating your dynamic and targeting landing pages? Thanks!

rationalwine - 7th May 2014 Reply

I’ve just found your site from IMGrind, and you have given a ton of value Andy. I would be privileged if I could learn more about Adwords from you

    Andy Black - 7th May 2014 Reply

    Thanks for those kind words RW. I’d love to help you. I’ll have my own wee coaching and training programme up soon for those who want to get down and dirty with AdWords.

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