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28th April 2014

The Biggest Benefit Of AdWords

One of my friends is an electrician, and his work dried up when the economy tanked a few years ago. He had to hand his van back, and had a wife, two kids and another baby on the way. He would have known this was the beginning of the end for him.

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20th March 2014

Direct Response Metrics for PPC Traders

Here’s a 6 minute video for all you pay-per-click direct response traders out there. EXAMPLE You’re spending $100 a day for 100 clicks, and making $50 revenue from 2 sales. Metrics: Cost = $100 Clicks = 100 Sales = 2 Revenue (Earnings) = $50 Calculated metrics: Profit = -$50 cost-per-sale = $50 revenue-per-sale = $25 […]

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