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22nd May 2016

Fulfil demand first

In my mind, I have an (over-simplified or over-complicated?) hierarchy like this: 1) They NEED it, but don’t know they need it yet. You can’t sell to these people yet. You’re going to have to educate them first, and generate the demand. 2) They KNOW they need it, but don’t want it yet. You can’t […]

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16th April 2016

#AndyTalks 033 – AdWords location targeting tip

If you don’t setup your AdWords location targeting properly, Google can bleed you slowly. I’ve seen it up to 5% of clicks! If you run a local service business, then the best converting visitors are people either looking for your brand name, or people looking for your service with a location in their search term. […]

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12th April 2016

#AndyTalks 030 – Segment your AdWords data!

A late night Skype call last night doesn’t stop me getting excited to go on a course today. I have to do some reports before I head off, but I’ll give an AdWords tip first. TRANSCRIPTION Morning, snaps! I’m kind of tired because I was up late last night on a call with a client […]

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